Friday, May 20, 2005


As entrepreneurs we make a decision to take a risk and invest in something that we are passionate about. We start a business to have independence, flexibility, and an opportunity to do something that we really care about. As individuals, it is just as important to find our passions, express them freely, and invest in our dreams. You are your business no matter where you work, and you are worth the investment. To be successful we need to have a vision and follow our dreams, but we need to balance that with a little bit of reality. Too much reality and we would never start our own businesses. According to Stephen C. Harper, author of "Guide to Starting Your Own Business", only 20 percent of the businesses started this year will still exist in 10 years, and half of the survivors will only be making a marginal profit. The odds may be against us in finding success by following our dreams, but people succeed against those odds everyday. You can succeed by building on your personal successes, developing a strong network, and seeking out the help of other professionals. Relationships are the foundation of your business whether you work for yourself or someone else. Consider consulting a LifeWork Coach to help you plan for success. For more information on how to develop a personal or business plan to create success for you and your business, or to set up an appointment for a free consultation by phone, send me an email at:

My business is relationship building. I have made relationships my business because relationships don’t come naturally for me. I am impressed everyday with how important relationships are for accomplishing whatever project I am working on. I have a tendency to want to work harder, push myself, and be more focused rather than looking for input from others, and making it a team effort. Relationships are the key to good health, good business, and good thinking.

Do you know a business that promotes healthy relationships with their customers, their community, or their environment? I would like to share their story. Just email a brief description of how they promote relationships. Include a contact person, business name, website, and email address. Send to: Or you can describe your own business if you find success through building meaningful relationships with your clients, family, and employees.

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