Monday, April 24, 2006

Coach NJ


My name is Nancy or NJ. I am a LifeWork Coach and Career Development Counselor . I have a Masters Degree in counseling with a career specialization. I chose LifeWork Design because finding happiness through healthful living takes vision and planning. Developing a vision is a process of discovering who you are and what you want. Your vision gives you the passion to follow a path that may seem uncertain, and then discover many new and interesting ways that you can follow your own personal journey. This journey takes planning to be ready for new opportunities, flexibility to see all of the possibilities, confidence to choose a path without knowing where it will take you, and the skill to find balance between your dreams and the reality you’ve chosen. LifeWork Design planning gives you the resilience to grow with the changing times.

The first part of the plan is a process of finding your natural strengths--the real you! The second part of the plan is learning what you want. Lastly, the action plan helps you discover and follow through on the many adventures that are possible for you. Why do you need a LifeWork Plan? Because you are worth it!

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