Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Comment from Anonymous on the “Welcome!” post…

I think most of us live a lifestyle of being nice to what is around us (except when behind a steering wheel). What are some methods to learn more about myself-my talents and my values? Perhaps my lifestyle is not really my own but what was handed down to me from my family.

There are many ways you can learn more about yourself and develop your talents. Career and personality assessments are one way to learn about your self, but individual assessments will only show your lifestyle, which is a combination of experience, values and talents. Individual assessments give you the opportunity to compare yourself with your own personal experience, and that of your family and close community. Having the opportunity to travel to different places, challenge your beliefs, and meet people from different backgrounds, is another way to learn more about yourself and have more to compare yourself with. Having the freedom to express yourself, develop your strengths, and share your feelings in a safe environment are the best ways to learn more about who you are. A LifeWork Coach can help you understand your own natural strengths and separate them from the values and beliefs that you have learned from your family, culture and friends. Evaluating your beliefs in a safe environment is a good way to recognize the things that are really important to you--what you want to spend your time and money on--and let go of things that are getting in the way of using your natural talents.

We may lack the background that would give us the opportunity to have diverse experiences. We may not even grow up in an environment that values our natural strengths. You didn’t plan when or where to be born, but you can plan the kind of life you want now. Planning for success is a process. A healthy happy life takes planning and preparation. An unhealthy life just happens. LifeWork Design is a process for finding opportunities to use your natural strengths while honoring the values you want in your life.

Nancy Miller is a LifeWork Coach and workshop facilitator with a passion for helping people develop their natural strengths. LifeWork Design is a wholistic approach to coaching that uses Relationship Design Principles to create a life that includes time for valuing relationships and esteeming others while using your natural strengths to develop energy, income, and motivation. Nancy uses her natural strengths of curiosity and independent thinking, along with her interest in people to help them create a vision for using their resources to find possibilities they may not have dreamed of.

Thank you everyone for your input and support. It takes a network of people and ideas to make a good product or project. This website and our workshops are the result of a lot of feedback on what's working and what's not.

Next week look for the LifeWork Assessment.

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