Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The LifeWork Plan

Why a plan?
Change is constant. You are either growing or declining. A LifeWork Success Plan is a growth process for flexing your strengths and balancing your character. Character development builds strengths from weaknesses creating an appreciation for diversity. A LifeWork Success Plan will give you a sense of direction, accomplishment, and balance. Intentionally designing your life with a flexible plan also gives you resourcefulness and resilience in times of crisis and transition.

Who needs a LifeWork Plan?
Everyone needs a plan. Some personalities naturally develop and adhere to detailed plans for their lives. They may even expect their lives to always fit into their predetermined plan. Having a solid plan may feel like a fortress whose walls surround you and give you a sense of security; a fortress can also be a barrier blocking growth and new ideas. A flexible LifeWork Success Plan provides a road map or a direction to start your life journey, while leaving room for opportunities along the way. People often spend more time planning their businesses, their work lives, and even their vacations, than they do planning their personal lives. A plan gives people the opportunity to step back and take an objective look at themselves, how they are balancing their lives, and what they are doing to create a healthy lifestyle.

Where did this plan come from?
The basic elements of a business plan offer the structure for the LifeWork Success Plan. A business plan describes strengths, needs, expectations, vision, resources, organization and networking. A business begins by describing its current operation or assets, then the company creates a vision for where it wants to be in five to ten years, and finally the owners determine how they will implement the plan. In the same way a LifeWork Success Plan describes where you are now, what you want to do, and how you might do it. A LifeWork Success Plan is a design for balancing your strengths and values to create a lifestyle of health and happiness.

What is a LifeWork Plan?
A LifeWork Plan is a reflection of you. It is your story and a legacy for your family. Your LifeWork Success Plan is a roadmap for designing the life that you really want using a style that is a combination of business plan, scrapbook, journal and creative ideas. The LifeWork Success Plan is a flexible design that fosters creativity and opportunities for growth. Anyone can develop a LifeWork Success Plan and be involved in activities that promote healthy relationships and personal growth. Most people need interaction and accountability from working with another person or a group to find the motivation to take action. Participating in workshops that foster diversity, contributing to organizations that support the community, and being involved in associations that build relationships are examples of actions that you can take to grow spiritually and socially. Your LifeWork Success Plan begins with what you consider your life story and ends with re-evaluation and spiritual renewal.
If you have difficulty socializing, sharing your strengths, or building relationships, a personal coach can help.Email Nancy Miller, LifeWork Design Coach you can email: lifeworkcoach@clwd-share.org for more information or to set up an appointment for a free consultation by phone to learn how you can develop a LifeWork Success Plan.

More to come on the elements of the LifeWork Success Plan.

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